Bespoke handmade dog collars

Boru handmade dog collarsBo’ru was formed after my wife and I spent weeks searching the internet for strong well made leather dog collars. We wanted them to have a bespoke look to them for our two dogue de bordeaux’s, BO and RUFUS hence Bo’ru. We came across several sites but there seemed to be something lacking with the collars in our price range. The collars we found were gaudy, had an over use of rivets and lack of imagination. They had rivet backs showing on the inside of the collar and we felt the quality was compromised. There were some beautiful collars out there that we fell in love with but unfortunately these were well into three figure sums and out of our price range. We set about researching suppliers of unique style studs and quality leather suppliers.

We then set about looking for a training establishment. Once found, we trained in aspects of bridle work, belt work and most importantly collar making. Our aim is to produce handmade dog collars not only visually appealing with that exclusivity appeal but ones that are made to a very high standard at a reasonable price.  We want them to last your faithful companion a lifetime. We know you will both enjoy your choice of collar and it will serve you both through many years with fond memories.

Made with you in mind

Each collar is made to order and although you might choose a particular style every collar is unique. No jigs are used in the process, we pay great attention to detail both for appearance and quality. Your new dog collar will only be shipped to you after our two quality inspectors (Bo & Rufus) have approved it. Our motto is if we wouldn’t put them on our dogs then why should your dog be expected to wear it.

If you have a design in mind or something you want incorporated into a collar then contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you and involve you in the design process. All of our handmade dog collars are made using premium quality English bridle leather, all stitching is done by hand using tiger braid for maximum strength and longevity. None of our collars rely on rivets to join leather or to set buckle, everything is stitched by hand, all edges are stained and burnished by hand. When finished the collar is then fed using our leather feeding process only then is it shipped to you.

Your collar will last your Fur baby many many years, you will have to occasionally feed it with a propriety leather feed, avoid saltwater. If it gets wet let it dry naturally do not heat dry it. Once you have received your collar we would appreciate any feedback you can give us, this will enable us to build the reputation of Boru Collars and hopefully ensure your first choice for both quality and exclusivity. Pictures of your companion wearing our collar would be more than welcome as we would like to set up a gallery along with a testimonial page.

       Kind  Regards  Steve  &  Heather


Scottish Dogue De Bordeaux Support

Our Pluto collar was inspired and named after a rescue dog who is currently being cared for by  the Scotish Dougue de Bordeax Support group. This fantastic group of Douge de Bordaux enthusiasts Support Dogues and mentor owners across Scotland and beyond. Of course the first Pluto collar we made was a gift to Pluto himself .